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When talking about synthetic oil, there's still a lot of misinformation to discredit. So, Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster disproves those deceptive allegations in this post. Read on to learn the truth about synthetic oil.

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Most misinformation on synthetic oil products has existed for years. These accusations have stuck around for so long that it's hard to separate truth from lies. Hence, the following text sheds light on what no one tells you about synthetic oil formulas. Keep scrolling!

Synthetic Oils Aren't Slimy

Contrary to what many people think, these formulas aren't as slippery as people claim. Others are bold enough to assume this oil harms the bearings or keeps them from rolling smoothly. Still, some people won't even consider using synthetic oil due to this rumor. The wrong notion of synthetic oil pushing the bearings to totter rather than roll. If that statement was true, wouldn't it cause bearings failure in every car using synthetic oil? It doesn't! which makes it nothing more than misinformation. If you're ever in a position to debunk this, you could start by talking about planes. Yes, airplanes! They run on synthetic oil, too, and you can find bearings in the turbines of most aircraft. This oil gives superior lubrication in planes; imagine what it'll do to your car.

Why Did This Rumor Start?

It didn't begin with them, but it's fair to assume that this rumor is popular chit-chat among bikers. It stems from the speculation that car motor oil it's not meant for motorcycles. This is true, but that only suggests getting products designed to meet the needs of those engines. The truth about synthetic oil is that modern engines will do better with them. Their manufactured characteristics magnify their protective reach despite harsh weather conditions. These oils are produced in a lab to endure the temperatures of an airplane turbine. Thus, the temperatures in a car engine are a triviality in comparison.

If you need help choosing an oil formula, the oil specialists at Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster will be pleased to help you. Call them at (215) 834-8720 or send an email to [email protected] to get in touch. Don't forget to stop by their online store before purchasing.

Synthetic Oil Isn't Excessively Slick for Flat Tappets

AMSOIL racing oil works well in flat tappet cams, both solid and hydraulic. The tappets can rotate despite the oil's slickness, but still, people feel skeptical of it. Rightfully so! A decade ago, some problems arose in engines with these traits. This led some racing drivers to feed mineral oils during NASCAR races. In these contests, vehicles run a significant mileage and deal with harsh temperatures. In that case, choosing a motor oil formula with high-zinc properties will protect tappets.

For example, AMSOIL's Z-ROD® 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil follows the United States Environmental Protection Agency's zinc protocols. This high-zing formula delivers more protection for flat-tappet cams, lifters, and other elements in the course of a break-in.

The Origins of This Rumor

The origins of this rumor derived from an issue in the first decade of the 2000s. Zinc was gradually reduced to meet the US EPA's mandates, and this chemical change provoked failures in racing engines. So, all these malfunctions were blamed on synthetic motor oils back then. However, the truth about synthetic oil, in this case, is that teams in racing sports use flat tappet motors that use high-grade zinc synthetic oils.

It's Safe to Switch to Synthetic Motor Oil

Drivers are too familiar with hearing that they can't go back to using mineral oil, and you know what? it's a gimmick! Yes, this myth is more of a marketing tactic from brands to promote customer loyalty. There's little to no truth to it! If you're ever in this position, do your product research first! Then, go for the formulas that fulfill your automobile's necessities. Be open to trying other options because it's likely that you'll change products. Often, people feed mineral oils to brand-new engines to acclimatize. However, whenever you get the car serviced, the engine can run with this oil to clean impurities. Then, when the process is completed, add the synthetic oil to improve engine operation.

Remember to feed your engine the best formulas, so your car has an excellent service life. If you want more tips on improving its upkeep, call (215) 834-8720 to reach out to the oil pros in your area. The oil pros at Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster are ready to help you decide on quality AMSOIL products.


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