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If you're planning on purchasing a new vehicle but are curious about the safest models on the market, Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster sheds on the safest car body styles. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Switching to synthetic oil will improve your car's performance throughout spring and summer. The oil experts at Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster will be happy to help you find the right oil for your vehicle. Call (215) 834-8720 or stop by their online shop to discover their products.

Consider this Before Buying a New Car

People often resort to crash test results as their main source of info before purchasing a car, and they're not wrong! These test results provide helpful details about how much protection a vehicle can offer to the driver and passengers. For instance, frontal crash ratings simulate hitting a vehicle of the same size, but what happens when you hit a larger, heavier, or taller car? The laws of physics state that in a collision between different-sized vehicles, the lighter one will bear the brunt of the impact, so keep that in mind.

Family-Oriented Vehicles

Many families go for an SUV instead of a coupe or sedan-type-of-car. SUVs are highly popular with moms as they feel safer driving their kids in bigger, elevated vehicles. Also, pickup trucks are much safer than sedans as drivers or passengers in a pickup truck's cabin are more likely to survive a car accident without serious injury than a person traveling in a smaller vehicle.

Safety is Paramount

Feeling safe and protected behind the wheel regardless of your car body style is of utmost importance. If you are looking for the safest car body styles, you should compare the benefits and disadvantages of SUVs, coupes, hatchbacks, and trucks alike. By doing so, you can find a car that can help you reduce road risks. Car safety features can go a long way to protect drivers and passengers. At the same time, drivers should consider the different types of vehicles the market offers, so don't be shy to request a test drive to get a feeling of the vehicle before you purchase a car.

To buy the appropriate oil formula for your vehicle, contact the experts at Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster by calling (215) 834-8720 to place an orderAlso, don't forget to visit their online shop and browse their whole range of products while taking your time to decide.

Which Car Body Style is Your Safest Bet?

This random fact may be hard to believe at first, but pickups can be safer than sedans in terms of frontal crashes. In one study, researchers found that the odds of death were lower in head-on collisions involving a pickup truck than in those involving a sedan. All in all, sedans and wagons are designed with safety in mind. Although trucks may be less likely to get damaged in an accident, sedans are still some of the safest car body styles for all drivers looking for a more discreet vehicle.

Taking Size and Weight into Account

Despite choosing one of the safest car body styles on the market, one thing you can't change is the way the vehicle receives the impact and how that's determined by the size and weight of the cars involved in that scenario.

Larger Cars

These vehicles have more distance between the front of the vehicle and the cabin, which provides additional protection in frontal collisions. When heavier cars collide with lighter vehicles or road obstacles, they can keep moving forward, exposing the passengers to less impact than smaller cars.

Smaller Cars

Weight is also crucial to consider when two vehicles collide. During the collision, the heavier vehicle will push the smaller one. Also, people in the weightiest car are subjected to less impact, while those in the lighter vehicle will likely experience more damage and injuries.

Maintain Your Focus

Hopefully, these pointers stay with you and help you focus on the road. The last following suggestions outweigh whatever the safest car body style on the market might be, so pay attention! Turning off the phone or putting it in airplane mode is an excellent option to remain focused behind the wheel. Don't forget the importance of wearing your seat belt every time you enter a vehicle, as nothing should be more important than your safety and those who've joined you in the car.

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