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Autumn is here, so you should prepare your vehicle to endure the cold months ahead. Thus, the experts at Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster share this post on fall motorcycle maintenance to help you improve its upkeep.

Giving your bike a good synthetic oil change will help the vehicle operate smoothly. Contact Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster by calling (215) 834-8720 if you need an AMSOIL expert to suggest which products you should add to your line-up of fall motorcycle maintenance.

Be Ready to Face Different Circumstances

If this isn't your first rodeo, figuratively speaking, you probably know how fall weather fluctuates throughout the whole season. It could be sunny one day and rain the next while the tree leaves fall. For that reason, many riders must check the weather forecast before heading out. While covering and protecting themselves from water or the cold, caring for their two-wheeler is just as crucial if you want to guarantee its longevity. Motorcycles are powerful and sharp vehicles that enable a smooth and swifter commute since they take up less room and demand less fussiness during parking. Hence, you must follow specific safety rules and perform appropriate maintenance steps to prevent mishaps when riding one in autumn.

How to Service Your Motorcycle in the Fall

If you want your motorcycle to perform accordingly during the colder months, you must take care of it to ensure safety and smoothness for you and those who join you. To fulfill this, follow these suggestions by Synthetic Oil Direct.

Try to Keep It as Pristine as Possible

Washing your motorcycle regularly is essential to ensure it remains in pristine condition. It's not all about appearances, but it's also easier to inspect and service a clean motorcycle. Remember to wash your bike in partial darkness using water, gentle detergents, and a microfiber cloth to pat dry.

Make Sure the Tires Remain in Optimal Condition

It would be best if you didn't forget that differences or abnormalities in tires' surfaces can alter the motorcycle's behavior while running. Tires are essential pieces to ensure proper grip. Before you head out, please evaluate the degree of wear, treading, and air pressure, and replace them on time if necessary.

Feed your motorcycle the most versatile oil to face cold temperatures! Reach out to the specialists at Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster and call (215) 834-8720 to place your order and have an AMSOIL dealer advising you every step of the way.

Don't Neglect Chain Upkeep

Chain motorcycles require specific care and service. You can't overlook this feature without facing the consequences in the long term. So, it's best always to make time to properly grease the chain and confirm it still holds the proper tension to move the motorcycle. This step is crucial to ensure a suitable movement of the bike.

Keep the Brakes in Check

Don't be afraid to pull to the side if you feel the brakes aren't reacting as fast or efficiently. Follow your instincts and act accordingly to fix the problem to guarantee it's safe to keep riding the motorcycle. Monitoring and inspecting the state of the brake system should be a regular practice. For instance, the disc brakes, the fluid levels, and deposits can't go unchecked as simply as you think since these features can indicate a future problem if you pay enough attention to them. Also, you should inspect the pads' wear and tear to see if they need replacement, and don't forget that the cable's tension should be checked when fitted with drum brakes until the feel and braking are acceptable.

Keep an Eye on the Lighting System

Proper light performance is paramount in any motorized vehicle. Thus, a motorbike needs its lighting system to remain in operating conditions to ensure the best road visibility. For proper fall motorcycle maintenance, you must thoroughly check the headlight, taillight, and turn cues. However, you must be able to acknowledge the right time to replace old bulbs.

Oil Levels

The oil formula you choose will reflect on your two-wheeler's performance. Thus, you must verify it still has the correct oil levels and see if top-offs are needed.


Now you know that fall motorcycle maintenance isn't as intimidating as you thought. It all depends on simple inspections. However, if you think your bike needs repairs, always look for professional technicians to restore your motorcycle to its glory days.

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