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Traffic jams and automobile accidents are more common than ever. It's fair to assume you don't want to be involved in those scenarios. So, Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster shares five tips to master defensive driving.

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The current weather is in-between seasons, making it hard to determine how to act under unpredictable circumstances. It gets even harder to decide if you're behind the wheel. Luckily, Synthetic Oil Direct has prepared these suggestions to ease your mind with defensive driving. Driving under unpredictable weather can be so discouraging for some that they opt to stay at home or use public transport to get by. This post isn't to pass judgment on how to cope but to help readers take matters into their own hands. If this sounds interesting, keep reading these pointers to master defensive driving below.

Keep Your Eyes and Focus on the Road

It's not rocket science. Driving under adverse weather conditions demands your full awareness. For example, revving or spinning your tires, especially during rain or blizzards, is hazardous. So, try to go easy on the accelerator each moment you leave a standing stop, when you give way to traffic, or when the light changes to green. Most importantly, don't lose focus behind the wheel while maintaining a safe speed. There's no need to drive slowly. Just drive consciously enough to give you a safe range to operate at your own pace.

Take It Easy, There's No Need to Rush

If there's no rush, you'll be more mindful, and if you're more mindful, you'll drive safer. With that logic, you should consider slowing down a few miles per hour from your cruising speed. Believe it or not, this is your most practical safety action. At the same time, this measure it's crucial in leisure areas that youngsters might frequent. Decelerating three miles per hour can be the difference between a casualty or a close encounter with a potential accident.

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Prioritize Visibility

Your visibility might be at stake, depending on the weather. Heating the cabin might help clear the windshield if it is too hazy. Also, don't forget to use your lighting system to your advantage so you can see and be seen by other drivers. As helpful as that may be, make sure you extend that same pleasantry to other motorists. It only takes a brief moment to look at your rear-view mirror and dashboard to ensure everything is operating smoothly. Remember, if the headlights and tail lights are shining bright, your car is being seen by other drivers and pedestrians.

Maintain a Proper Distance

You'll always have another car or a pedestrian nearby. Thus, if you want to master defensive driving, keeping a safe distance between them is reasonable. Space gives everyone more room to work with, so you'll feel less pressured if any driver ahead of you needs to brake suddenly or gives an unexpected turn.

Pay Attention to the Tires

Considering all factors implicated in stopping the car safely and abruptly, the tires can't go unnoticed. Keeping an eye on them should be a priority to minimize potential risks behind the wheel. Tires are stubborn and susceptible to weather. So, you can't expect them to perform evenly in daylight or on a rainy afternoon. A minor inconvenience can go a long way regarding tires and affects their capacity to stop.

Early Signs of Tire Damage

Therefore you need to ensure that your tires remain in optimal condition to operate. Tires can reveal signs of wear, so you need to keep an eye on them and replace them if they show up the following traits:
  • Gaps or areas where there is no tire tread or smoothed out.
  • Junk and rubble adhered to the tire's track.
  • Cracks around the rim.

Synthetic motor oils are a passive way to improve defensive driving. Try AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil, and boost your engine's performance. Call Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster at (215) 834-8720 to place an order or check out the online store to browse their catalog.


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