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Our vehicles have become one of our most valued possessions. They bring us comfort and allow us to travel, commute and reach entertainment that might otherwise be too far for us to reach.

Your Car Does a Lot

The average american spends more than an hour and forty minutes a day driving. Meaning that around 12 hours of our week is spent commuting from one place to another, and that is just the average. Those who live in small towns or out in the country will usually spend about 3 hours more a week in their car. The time spent driving is clearly very significant. All that use can wear out your engine quickly if you do not use the proper oil to keep it running.

Use Amsoil Synthetic Oil to Treat Your Car Well

An average male in America will usually spend around 38,000 hours in his lifetime behind the wheel. That is because according to a study males spend 25% more time commuting than woman. Although the same study showed that women take more driving trips, it is the men that usually drive 35% more miles than women. As you can see your car does a lot for you, returning the favor with the proper synthetic oil and lubricants will help it last longer. So make sure you use the best, and there is no better synthetic oil in Philadelphia than Amsoil Oil.

The Importance of Cars in Our Lives

It is obvious that a very significant portion of our lives will be spent in our cars. That is why it of extreme importance, to always have our vehicles in top condition. There is nothing more essential than a high quality oil to keep your car from causing engine problems, and that is why Amsoil in Philadelphia needs to be your go to car oil. When something happens to our cars we we truly suffer, they have become essential to our lifestyle.  To avoid this from happening, make sure you use the proper synthetic oil. Also make sure you take a look at our previous post that talks about the top causes for car breakdowns.

Synthetic Oil in Philadelphia

Here at Synthetic Oil Direct we know the importance of treating your car with the respect it deserves. We know that if you treat it good and give it the best, it will treat you good too. That is why the experts in synthetic oil in Philadelphia will always recommend you use Amsoil oil. Call us today at (215) 834-8720 to purchase the most recommended and top quality synthetic oil and products for your car maintenance.  

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