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As you get ready for winter, don't forget that your motorcycle also needs to be prepared for the colder weather. Use these tips to start winterizing your motorcycle.

Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter

As temperatures start to dip, you're probably taking various measures to prepare yourself for colder days. If you've started pulling out your winter coats and accessories, don't forget that your motorcycle will also need some type of winter dressings. Use these tips to start preparing your ride for colder days and inclement weather.

Avoid Cold Tires

If you're expecting freezing temperatures this year, there's no way to avoid cold tires. With the being said, there are things you can do to combat the effects of frozen tires. To start, do your best to warm up your tires before hitting the road. Instead of swaying to heat up your tires, try accelerating and stopping a few times. This can work faster than swaying, just be sure to do it in a safe area. As temperatures drop, so will your tires' air pressure. This can leave you with reduced traction on already slick roads. To keep yourself safe, keep an eye on your air pressure and fill up your tires when necessary.

Take Care of the Fluids

The fluids in your motorcycle don't only keep it running, they also help keep your motorcycle in better condition for longer. During the winter, these fluids may need special attention due to the freezing conditions they will be subjected to. To keep your engine well protected, be sure to use a synthetic motorcycle oil. Synthetic oils are known to hold onto their properties, including their fluidity, even when temperatures are at their lowest. This means a synthetic oil will be able to keep your engine covered even on cold starts during the winter. Your antifreeze will also be very important this season. Be sure it is at the proper level and that there are no leaks in your cooling system. Be sure you're using the proper blend for the season in order to avoid having it freeze in your system.

Wash Your Motorcycle

Washing your motorcycle isn't just for aesthetic purposes, it can actually keep your motorcycle in better shape for longer. If you're going to be using your motorcycle regularly this winter, chances are it will have to deal with abrasive debris, including road salts and even snow. To prevent these substances from corroding certain parts of your motorcycle, wash your ride regularly. While you're at it, give your motorcycle a new layer of wax to protect it from the elements. Prepare your motorcycle for a safe winter with a synthetic oil change in Warminster. Contact Synthetic Oil Direct for personalized attention and product recommendations. Give them a call at (215) 834-8720 or stop by their online shop to learn more about their products.

Wear the Proper Gear

Now that your motorcycle is better prepared for the cold, it's time to prepare yourself. To start, be sure you have the proper gear for the season. Start by putting on a base layer that allows your skin to breathe but that will also keep you warm. As always, wear long sleeves, long pants, boots, and a helmet with eye protection. If you have a leather jacket you're fond of, this is the perfect season to wear it. Finally, invest in seasonal pieces, like heated gear, a neck warmer, and rainproof clothing. These items will help you stay more comfortable on cold rides, helping you stay focused and safe.

Maintain Visibility

Inclement weather and shorter days can make it harder for drivers to see you on the road. To avoid dangerous conditions, be sure you can see clearly and that other drivers can see you. To start, be sure all of your motorcycle's lights are working properly. This will help you see better on dark roads while also ensuring drivers are aware of your presence. Avoid riding in drivers' blind spots since they may be even more distracted this season.

Increase Following Distance

The inclement weather this season can make the road much more dangerous than during any other season. Since roads may be slicker and your vision may be obstructed by rain or snow, it's best that you slow down and increase your following distance. This will give you more time to react and brake safely in dangerous conditions. If you're not feeling safe on the road due to the weather or other conditions, pull over and wait it out.

Synthetic Motorcycle Oil in Warminster

If you're feeling ready for winter, be sure your motorcycle is too! Before giving it an oil change, be sure you understand the benefits of using a synthetic oil in Warminster. To learn more, contact Synthetic Oil Direct at (215) 834-8720. They can answer all of your questions and even recommend products like AMSOIL's 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil.

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