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You be all caught up on your car's winter maintenance, but there are some things maintenance tasks won't take care of. Below are some winter hacks to keep your day hassle-free.

How to Keep Your Car At Its Best This Winter

You've done all the winter maintenance your car needed in order to make it through the season, but what about all those other winter inconveniences. The cold temperatures and the weather can all make it so that it seems impossible to have a good day when your car is involved. To help you make it through some sticky situations, check out these winter car hacks.

Take Care of the Fog

During the winter, it's not uncommon for the inside of your windshield to constantly get fogged up. Since it's so cold outside and it can get warm and humid in your car, this is bound to happen. With that said, it can be really annoying to deal with, especially if you're driving and your defroster isn't working at its best. To ensure your view of the road isn't compromised, grab some shaving cream from your bathroom and put it all over the inside of your windshield. Cover every inch of your windshield and then carefully clean it off. Shaving cream ingredients include some of the same ones in commercial defrosters, so this can help you avoid further windshield fogging. Moisture in your car can be your number one enemy if you want to prevent your windshield from fogging up. To avoid the issues that extra moisture can cause, remove all sources of it, from open water containers to plants. If you have kitty litter at home, put some of this in a sock and leave it in your car. Since kitty litter absorbs moisture this small hack can be very effective in your fight against fogged up windows.

An Ice Scraper in a Sticky Situation

If you're in a rush to leave your home and you find that your windshield is covered in ice, this can be very frustrating. Before you decide to pour hot water on it and hope it'll melt the ice without cracking your windshield, look for an alternative that is actually safe. If you can't find your ice scraper anywhere, an old credit card can do the trick. Choose a sturdy card and get to scraping. If you don't have any old cards that are up to the job, grab a spatula from your kitchen. Avoid the metal ones though because these can scratch your windshield. If you haven't already, now is a great time to give your car a synthetic oil change in Warminster. To find a great synthetic oil for your car, don't hesitate to call the friendly oil pros at Synthetic Oil Direct. Call them at (215) 834-8720 for product recommendations. They can recommend products like  AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil to keep your engine protected even on cold days. You can also check out their full range of products in their online shop where you can also place your order.

Keep Things from Freezing

Another annoying part of the winter is how things can freeze and get stuck. So, before you put your car's key into the keyhole to unlock it, wait a minute! The keyhole can actually freeze overnight, causing your key to get stuck inside as soon as you put it in. A great and simple way to avoid this is by putting some hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol on your key. The alcohol on it will cause whatever is frozen in the keyhole to melt so that your key won't get stuck.

Avoid Frozen Side Mirrors

Finally, if your mornings are extra dangerous because your car's side mirrors freeze overnight and have ice obstructing your view, there's a hack to avoid that too. Grab a couple of plastic bags from your home and place these over the side mirrors once you're done using your car for the day. They can be grocery bags or even ziplock bags, you just have to be able to tie them or close them around the mirror. In the morning, remove the plastic bags and your mirrors should be good to go!

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Warminster This Winter

To ensure your car has an easier time making it through the winter, give it a synthetic oil change in Warminster. Contact the friendly oil experts at Synthetic Oil Direct to find a great oil for your car. Give them a call at (215) 834-8720 to learn more or to place your order!

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