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In this post by Synthetic Oil Direct focuses on the importance of performing regular checkups and maintenance to your bike after summer to make sure your two-wheeler lasts you for a very long time.

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It's All about Fresh Starts

Summer is over and it is likely that the heat, the rain, and all the miles that you have injected into your motorcycle, have had an effect on the antifreeze fluid. Therefore, fall happens to be the perfect time to bleed the cooling system, clean it, and change the antifreeze. Although most manufacturers recommend doing it every two years, it's suggested to do do it every year, just as fall begins. This is because the antifreeze has worked hard in the summer heat and now it will have to focus on colder climates, by performing a completely opposite job.

Where Do You Start Cleaning the Cooling System?

The first thing, you have to make sure that the engine is cold, to carry out this process in a careful way to avoid any setbacks. If you open the tank or drain the antifreeze with a hot engine, you run the risk of burning yourself. Place the motorcycle in an upright position, as straight as possible, and disassemble the panels that you require to access the drain screw for the antifreeze fluid. Take a container where you can empty the old liquid and dispose of it without causing harm or mess.

Avoid Dirt in the Cooling System of your Motorcycle

The entire cooling system of the motorcycle is made up of water, so its exposure to humidity inside and out is constant. By using the correct antifreeze you ensure that the cooling system has interior protection. Also, antifreeze has the following benefits in addition to controlling the temperature of the motorcycle's engine:
  • Maximum engine protection under any condition or climate, no matter if the vehicle is in extreme temperatures.
  • Contains additives that protect all metal and plastic surfaces in the cooling system.
  • Its formulation ensures correct operation and prevents damage to the water pump and cooling chambers of the bike.

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How Does Rust Form in the Cooling System?

In some places where water accumulates and is not filtered properly, it is possible that rust or scale may form. This residue will end up causing corrosion in the metals and in the hoses. The sites that are first affected tend to be the metal clamps at the junction between the hoses and the aluminum conductors or the radiator elbows, which are normally made of non-adonized metals, so oxidation is more likely to form there; which facilitates corrosion in the rest of the system. This shouldn't be taken lightly and if you don't take care of this on time, these rust particles get into the radiator and plug the system, causing permanent failure. The accumulated rust generates a scale that will destroy the aluminum.

Dodge Scale and Rust Formations

The antifreeze liquid is responsible for protecting the interior of the system. This, along with an occasional engine wash, and application of all-purpose lubricants will prevent contaminants from sticking to and damaging engine surfaces. A pressure washer may suffice to this problem, but pressure doesn't always dissolve lubricating oil stuck in the mud. If you use too much, you may damage the components you are trying to protect. For this reason, engine wash sprays can come in handy, which has the following benefits:
  • It doesn't affect the electrical components of the motor.
  • Eliminate accumulated grease in hoses.
  • Leaves a protective antistatic layer that repels dust.
  • It doesn't attack rubber or plastic parts.
  • Leaves the engine clean and shiny.
This way the motorcycle engine won't accumulate as much dirt, which allows the cooling system to do its job without harming the well-being of the motorcycle.

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