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When buying a used car you run a lot of risks and you don’t have the same legal protection as you would with a new one. Regardless sometimes investing in a used car is necessary.  In order to make a right buy and not end up spending more than you intended in the future there are some things you have to look out for.  You don’t need to be lucky to find a trouble-free used car, it’s all about doing research. Research makes for a successful purchase.  Join Synthetic Oil Direct in this guide for purchasing a used vehicle, and remember they have everything you need when it comes to getting an AMSOIL synthetic oil change.

Do Some Research

Before you even set foot into a dealership, do some previous research on what type of car you are looking for. There’s no such thing as “just looking” for a salesman, especially if the client has no idea what to get. Look up models you’re interested in and search for consumer’s reviews. Car owners often comment on their experience with the vehicle and that can help you start building lists of Pros and Cons about that model. You can also consult Consumer Report’s car survey to know more about them and narrow your selections. Once you know about the models, look at how much they are going for. Compare prices in several sources to ensure you are getting a fair price. The mileage and condition will make prices vary, but you’ll get an idea for the going price. CLEARbook is a website that can help you quickly find out used car prices, a really handy tool.

Checking the Exterior

The exterior is the first part you see in a vehicle, obviously, and there is a lot you have to examine in that area. If there’s ever been any damage to the car, you have to verify it has been professionally taken care of. Here are some of the things you have to look for in the exterior. Dents and Scratches:  Dents should be fixed and not patched with a body filler. If you think that might be the case, try putting a small magnet there, if it doesn’t stick, it does have body filler. Minor scratches aren’t something that should really concern you. If you see rust, that is a concern, look out for it. Doors and Glass: Open and close the doors, trunk and hood to check for loose hinges and faulty rubber seals. Carefully verify there aren’t any mayor cracks on the glass. Tires: If car has less than 20,000 miles it should probably have its original tires. It may happen that the tires are new and the car has a really low-mileage, that might mean the odometer has rolled back. Ask if the tires have been regularly rotated. Once you’ve finished with the exterior you have to check the interiors and under the hood. You could ask what kind of oil the vehicle has been using and start thinking about getting a synthetic oil change if you do buy the car. Synthetic Oil Direct can provide you with the AMSOIL automotive products you might need. Just give them a call at: (215) 834-8720 to know about the benefits a synthetic oil change can give to your used vehicle.

Under the Hood

Making sure the engine is in a good condition is absolutely necessary to avoid future expenses. It completely normal to find dirt and dust, but hanging wires, corrosion covered battery and splattered oil are not something you should find. Fluids: If you can try to check the fluid levels, the owner’s manual should tell you where and how. Engine oil can be dark brown or black, if it’s a light honey color it’s new, you won’t have to invest in that synthetic oil change just yet. Verify the transmission fluid (it should be pink), the power steering and brake fluids should be within the appropriate levels. Battery: Take a look at the electrolyte level, it will tell you in what state the battery is at. Some batteries have a charge indicator, green means good, black or yellow mean it’s dead or just about to. Radiator: Green stains on the outside of the radiator indicate the coolant might be leaking. Hoses and Belts: Squeeze them, they should be firm, but not hard or cracked.

Inspecting the Interiors

You’ll be spending your time inside the car, so you want it to look and feel good. Smells: Take a sniff inside, if it smells moldy or like mildew, there might be a water leak somewhere. Mold or smoke smells can be really hard to get rid of, they're a possible dealbreaker for some people. Seats and Upholstery: Try every seat and check if the adjustments work properly. Upholstery should be in a decent state, not ripped or worn out, especially if the car has a low mileage. Look for stains or snags on the roof. Pedals: Worn out pedals indicate the car has been worked a lot. Sound System and Controls:  Check the radio reception, the CD player and that all the buttons are fully functioning. Try out every button, switch and lever in the car. Check the AC, turn the heater full blast and do the same for cool air to see how quick they work.

Synthetic Oil Change

Once you’ve acquired your new used car treat it to a synthetic oil change. Call Synthetic Oil Direct at: (215) 834-8720 to know their recommendation on which AMSOIL synthetic oil is the right choice for your car.

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