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It's no secret that the elements can have an effect on your car. With the summer right around the corner, it's super important that you and your car are prepared with the intense sunshine.

Protect Your Car from the Summer Heat

The summer sun can make it hard to be outdoors for extended periods of time. Even with sunblock and a hat, the sun can get unbearable. Imagine then what your car has to deal with daily when parked in the sun or during a long drive. Luckily, there are measures you can take to keep your car protected this summer.

Wash and Wax Your Car

Just like the summer sun can cause sunburns and other types of skin irritation, it can also damage your car's exterior. On top of the dust and debris that may collect on your car's paint, the sun can lead your paint job to dry out and even start cracking. In some serious cases, you may start to notice spots on your exterior that are fading, which can lead to a less than polished look even if your car isn't very old. To prevent this from being your car's fate this summer, stick to washing your car regularly, This will help remove dust which can lead to scratches, keeping your pain in better condition. Once your car is clean and dry, don't forget to also apply a layer of wax to it. While it may seem unimportant, waxing your car gives it another layer of protection from the elements.

Stick to Shady Spots

While you may not be able to avoid the sun while driving, you can definitely keep your car out of it when parked. Even if it means walking a little further to your office or to the store, look for a shaded area in which to park your car. Not only will this keep your exterior from getting sun damage, but it will also prevent the cabin of your car from getting unbearably hot. After being parked in the sun, you may dread stepping into your car because of how hot it is. Parking in the shade can help keep it cooler so that getting in isn't such a pain. When you're home, keep your car in the garage or in a covered parking spot. If you don't have either, invest in a car cover that will keep the sun's harsh rays off your car's exterior.

Keep Your Car Cool

A car cover is a great way to prevent potential damage, but there are plenty of other things you can do to keep your car cooler. For example, a sunshade for your windshield can keep your car cooler by reflecting the sun rays away from your car. This can also protect your dashboard and steering wheel from burning in the sun. If you have leather seats in your car, these too can suffer some serious damage thanks to the sun. To keep them protected, invest in car seat covers. This will ensure your leather doesn't dry out and start cracking under all the heat. If you're worried about sun damage, a steering wheel cover and dashboard cover are great options to look into. Keeping your engine protected this summer doesn't have to be hard. Start by giving your car a synthetic oil change in Warminster to keep your engine running strong. Not sure what oil to use in your car? Contact the oil experts at Synthetic Oil Direct at (215) 834-8720 for the personalized service you need. They will be happy to recommend products like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil. Find even more great products like this by visiting their online shop.

Check on Your Fluids

On top of getting an oil change, it's important that you keep an eye on your car's other essential fluids. Start by ensuring your car has plenty of brake fluid and that it's still in good condition. If you're planning on going on a road trip this summer, this step will be crucial for your safety. Nest, check on your coolant. Since the summer heat and the temperatures under your hood can combine to create an awful situation, you want to be sure you have plenty of coolant in your radiator. This can help keep temperatures cooler under the hood, preventing your engine from overheating. If you're running low, definitely top off your coolant.

Get Your Air Conditioning Fixed

Finally, the heat may get unbearable when you're out on the road. To avoid suffering issues because of the heat, make sure your air conditioning is working properly. Test out your a/c and if it isn't blowing very cold, take your car in to get this serviced as soon as possible. More and more people will be looking to get this fixed the closer it gets to summer, so avoid the rush and crowds by getting it done now.

Protect Your Car With a Synthetic Oil Change in Warminster

Give your engine the protection it needs to stay healthy by giving it a synthetic oil change in Warminster. Find the best products for your next oil change by contacting the oil pros at Synthetic Oil Direct at (215) 834-8720.

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