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Understanding Safety Items Included in New Cars

If you are in the position of buying a new car and are feeling a little overwhelmed by the ever growing number of bonuses and features they each provide, you aren't alone. With the amount of information available for each car, many soon-to-be drivers find it difficult to understand exactly what they need, especially when it comes to safety. To provide some assistance in your research for your next dream car, Amsoil Dealer - Synthetic Oil Direct has prepared some information on a few safety features you're likely seeing advertised, how they work, and the benefits they can have during an emergency or a collision.

All Wheel Drive

Let's start with one of the most advertised features when it comes to cars - all wheel drive. While it's true that all of the wheels turn when each car drives, the difference with an all wheel drive car is that each of the wheels is being actively driven by the engine. This means that when you put your foot on the gas, each of the four wheels is actively working to make the car move. While a car with all-wheel drive can experience more friction as it drives, resulting in a decrease in fuel economy, during instances of rain, dirt or mud, cars which employ this technology can remain on the road and on their driving path much better than those which don't. The most noticeable advantage is whilst driving around corners during the rain and starting your drive as there is less wheel spin.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

While one of the most commonly known safety features of a car, many drivers misunderstand its purpose. In the event of an emergency brake, most drivers will put their foot on the brake as hard as possible. For many cars, this can cause the wheels to lock up, removing the cars ability to slow quickly, leaving the car to slide into a potential collision. When enabled, a car with this feature enabled monitors the traction of each wheel as the driver brakes, ensuring only the maximum pressure is applied which will not cause the wheels to lock. In most cases, cars with this technology are able to slow down to a complete stop at a much faster rate. Along with these high-tech features and monitoring systems, your car is likely to also monitor its temperature and fluid levels, indicating when an issue is detected, such as a low engine oil level. While the above-mentioned technologies do their job without intervention, your car can't fill its own oil supply. When you car alerts you to low fluid levels, don't waste time, speak with Amsoil Dealer - Synthetic Oil Direct at (215) 834-8720 and get the right product for a synthetic oil change in Horsham.

Rear Camera

Often a second thought to going forward, the importance of safety as your reverse is paramount. While nothing is a replacement for looking where you are going, certain technologies are able to assist, such as a rear camera. Connected to a small screen on your dash, a rear camera gives drivers an additional view as they reverse. This view is often beneficial when there are small objects or animals that may not be easily seen by traditional mirrors.

Lane Assist/Drift Awareness

Lane assist technology is in no way a replacement for drivers to watch the road and hazards in front of them, however for instances of fatigue, this system can alert drivers and passengers of a potential collision. Whilst driving, these systems gain a general 'understanding' of how the car is being driven. If the system senses that the car is unintentionally drifting out of its lane, it provides a loud warning to alert both driver and passenger.

Finding the Right Product for a Synthetic Oil Change Near Me

Along with choosing the relevant and most appropriate safety features for your car, you also have another choice which impacts how your car performs - what you put inside its engine. For drivers purchasing new cars, they generally want to ensure it remains in the best condition it can, for longer. For these drivers, the choice is a synthetic oil change in Horsham. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - Synthetic Oil Direct at (215) 834-8720 and find the right AMSOIL synthetic oil product for your new car. Not only will you notice an improvement in the performance of your vehicle and a reduction in fuel usage, but also a reduction in the frequency in which you will need to provide maintenance, such as your ongoing synthetic oil changes in Horsham.

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