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Parking a car can remain a challenge for even the most skilled drivers. If you need a bit of guidance, these suggestions by Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster will help improve your parking technique.

Even for those driving for a few years, parking the car can become stressful for many, especially when there are tight spaces and a queue of drivers waiting for the maneuver to occur. But don't panic because the key to master this is by practicing a lot.

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Factors at Play

Parking correctly depends on the experience of the driver and the dimensions of a vehicle. However, sometimes stress, and jitters betray even the most skilled and make parking a car an epic and embarrassing feat that takes more time than necessary. Avoid this uncomfortable situation. Keep reading the following tips:

Always Use Your Turn Signals and Blinkers

To avoid a line of cars behind you waiting and causing you stress, use your car's signaling resources to warn other drivers that you'll stop at some point. Use the turn signals to slow down and the turn signals to indicate where you will move.

Adjust the Rearview Mirrors to 15 Degrees

Driving veterans say that one of the most complicated maneuvers is having to park in reverse, especially when the human brain is trained to move forward. So, reverse motion complicates the calculation of any movement where reverse movement is involved.


In this context, a tip that will make it easier for you to control your movements is aligning the three mirrors of the car since its primary purpose is to give a complete view of everything that happens in the back of the vehicle. The rearview mirror needs to be aligned in a way that allows you to see what's behind you. Preferably do this when you are on a flat surface. The mirrors should be placed at eye-level. You need to see them through the corner of your eye without having to turn your head. Mirrors should be approximately open to the outside at about 15 degrees. Through this triangulated alignment with the rearview mirror, you'll avoid blind spots. If your vision is still struggling, you can add some convex mirrors, such as those used by truck drivers, since these improve your sight in the areas with an obstructed view.

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Parallel Parking

Parking in line is one of the maneuvers that causes the most significant problems. It happens when there's a small space between two previously parked cars. One technique for you to be successful in no time is to align your vehicle's rear axle with the rear bumper of the one that it's parked in front of your chosen spot. Then, gently turn the steering wheel to the right and back up until your car's left rearview mirror shows half of the vehicle behind you. Next, turn the steering wheel to the left, but don't make sharp curves, and keep moving slowly backward. This will help you get into the spot. If necessary, you can move forward to straighten up. If you want to be closer to the sidewalk, you can repeat the maneuver.


If parking isn't your thing, it would be best to purchase car insurance to protect your vehicle from possible accidents. Even if you don't deem it necessary, it's the best thing you can do to avoid unforeseen expenses when parking and keep your car protected in case of material damage.

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