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Since most vehicle owners are not necessarily vehicle experts, this post will help those vehicle owners who are not well versed in motor oil get to the truth behind some common oil myths.

Understanding the Truth Behind Some Common Motor Oil Myths

Although motor oil isn't that tricky to understand, it can be hard for most people to feel comfortable with it because of all the misinformation about it. To help you get more comfortable with your motor oil, start by understanding the truth behind some of the most common motor oil myths.

Motor Oil Needs to Be Changed Every 3,000 Miles

One of the most commonly heard and believed motor oil myths is that your vehicle's oil should be changed every 3,000 miles or every three months, depending on which comes first. The truth is, oil change interval can vary depending on a long list of factors. Some factors that can affect your car's ideal oil change intervals include its age, the make and model, the conditions under which it's used, and the type of oil you have in your engine. Synthetic oils tend to last longer than conventional oils, meaning the time between changes is longer. If you're not sure how often to change your oil, check your manufacturer's recommendations for more specific information. If you have a newer car, you can also trust your oil life monitor to alert you when your car is in need of fresh oil.

If Your Motor Oil Is Black, It Needs to Be Changed

If you changed your motor oil every time it turned black. you'd be changing it all the time. Although motor oil is an amber color when it is first put into your car, it won't hold onto this color for the rest of its life. Your motor oil will start to get darker as it performs its multiple jobs in your engine. It makes sense that your oil picks up a darker color after absorbing particles in your engine and performing its cleaning duties. So, black engine oil is necessarily a sign that it needs to be changed, but it is a sign that your oil is doing its job.

Adding Extra Additives Is Always a Good Idea

Most of the fluids you put into your car come with additives already included, your motor oil is no exception. Although extra additives are sold separately, it may not be the best idea to throw these into your oil. Some extra additives not included in your oil may actually dilute the effects of those that are included. Instead of trying to mix your own oil, trust the formula you invested in to do its job well. To find a synthetic motor oil you can trust, contact Synthetic Oil Direct at (215) 834-8720. Be sure to ask the experts at Synthetic Oil Direct all about AMSOIL's Signature Series Oils and learn about how these synthetic oils can keep your engine protected all year long. You can also visit their online shop to browse their full stock of quality AMSOIL products and place your order.

If You Use Synthetic Oil Once, You're Stuck with It for Life

Many people believe that once you put a synthetic oil in your car there is no going back to conventional oils, but this is simply not true. Just like there is no harm in going from a conventional oil to synthetic oil, there is also no harm in doing the opposite. You can actually alternate between the two without causing any damage to your engine as long as you're using the right oil for the job. However, after learning all about the benefits synthetic oil can provide, you may not want to go back to conventional oil.

You Can Change Your Oil and Not Your Oil Filter

While you can change your oil and keep your old oil filter, this isn't recommended. In basic terms, your oil filter catches and traps contaminants and other particles in your oil to keep them from circulating with your oil. Just like your oil gets older, more polluted, and needs to be changed to perform well, so does your filter. By keeping your old filter in after changing your oil, you may be causing your new oil to get contaminated faster. So, for best results, get a new filter with every oil change.

Get an AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Change in Lehigh County

Now that you know the truth behind some of the most common motor oil myths, why wait any longer to get a synthetic oil change in Lehigh County? Contact Synthetic Oil Direct at (215) 834-8720 for help finding the perfect synthetic oil for your engine. Remember that you can browse their online shop for a full selection of the best AMSOIL Oil products for all of your engines.

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