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In an earlier post, we discussed how synthetic oils outperform conventional oils. Diesel engines, in particular, need the extra protection and improved performance that synthetic oils provide. With higher heat-resistance and longer-lasting alkaline additives, AMSOIL synthetic oils ensure that your fleet of big rigs can stay on the road and out of the shop. The experts at Synthetic Oil Direct in Warrington, PA can get you the lubricants you need for your diesel vehicle.

Fewer Repairs

Acidic products in diesel fuel corrode the engine, causing oil leaks. Alkaline additives within synthetic oils help neutralize the corrosion. AMSOIL synthetic oil has longer-lasting alkaline additives, protecting your engine for longer without having to be replaced. Stronger protection for longer pays- in reduced oil drains, lower used oil disposal costs, and less downtime.   

Longer Trips and Heavier Loads

Diesel engines require greater protection than petrol engines, and synthetics provide it. Diesels operate at extremely high temperatures, which can cause conventional oils to fail. Synthetics are more heat-resistant, keeping your engines running despite heavy hauling, long journeys, or hot weather.

Higher Efficiency

Because synthetic oils are purer, more uniform, and less volatile, they not only protect your engine, but make it run more efficiently. Saving fuel is great for the bottom line, and helps keep your trucks out longer.  

If you want to keep your trucks on the road and out of the shop, you need to talk to the experts at Synthetic Oil Direct in Warrington, PA. AMSOIL is the best synthetic oil in the market. As a licensed AMSOIL dealer, they can tell you all about synthetic oils and how they can protect your engines, improve performance, and put more money in your wallet. If you would like to know more, please contact us at (215) 834-8720 or by email at [email protected] You can also find all AMSOIL products on our website.

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