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Excessive heat can have very taxing effects on your motorcycle, especially after winter storage. These suggestions by Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster will help you prepare your bike for the forthcoming months.

Versatile, Cheap, and Comfortable

More and more people are choosing motorcycles as their transportation method in cities to avoid annoying traffic that comes with living in a crowded metropolis. Because of this market growth, more and more brands are entering this ever-growing market. Therefore, here are some elements that you should take care of on your motorcycle to keep it running strong.

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Take a look at the instructions listed on the owner's manual to determine which type of oil you'll need. The oil level mustn't exceed the maximum quantity required, which can be harmful to the motorcycle. Although, if the bike is consuming oil excessively, it would be best to have it inspected by a professional to get an accurate diagnosis.


Pay attention to your tires, especially the pressure levels, although this will vary depending on the tire type. Remember, this needs to be measured when the bike gets cold because heat causes the air to increase its pressure. Please don't underestimate this step, as an accident may occur if the tires are worn down or too flat.


A dead battery is one of the most frequent motorcycle dilemmas. Even if you remove the battery during the winter while keeping it charging, it could still trigger breakdowns. However, if you skip this step, you'll need to charge your battery before spring. It's essential to take the battery's age into account during this time of the year, as extreme temperatures can be very damaging. Ensure this component keeps working correctly before the summer months and see if you should start looking for a replacement.


If the motorcycle has disc brakes, it might be necessary to check the fluid level by looking at the reservoirs. It's essential to detect if the circuit is leaking and if the pads are worn.

Greasing the Chain

This component is subjected to rain, heat, and dirt, causing it to rust quicker and even break if the material deteriorates. Consequently, grease is a vital ingredient in any motorcycle's maintenance. It'll help to keep you from experiencing unnecessary vibrations and prevent a severe breakdown.

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Wear the Right Riding Garments

Here are a couple of ideas to relieve the heat and enjoy your summer on a motorcycle in the best way. First of all, you must wear suitable clothing for spring and summer. It's essential to know that, even in warm temperatures, it's necessary to wear clothes that keep you protected from the heat and sun rays. You can use jackets and pants with small apertures or grids that allow airflow into the garment's interior.


The use of motorcycle gloves is also essential. It would be best to keep your hands protected against possible falls or friction. There are gloves with mesh, which allow the passage of air to keep the hands at a suitable temperature.

Don't Forget to Wear a Helmet

Many bikers opt for a Jet helmet to protect their head and withstand spring and summer weather. However, this example is the one that offers the least protection to the biker. The recommended helmet, and the one you should go for any time of the year, is the integral model. Although you might feel the heat more with this type of helmet, safety must always prevail over comfort when it comes to cars and motorcycles.

Stay Hydrated

Don't forget to drink a lot of water. Keeping your body hydrated during a long trip in the summer is one of the most essential aspects to consider if you want to remain healthy during the season.

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