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Protect Your Engine From Unnecessary Wear

While there is no denying that engine wear is inevitable, there are simple steps that you can take to maximize your engine performance without sacrificing protection. In this post, Synthetic Oil Direct in Warrington has some information on adhesive wear, and how to prevent it.

The Effects of Adhesive Wear

When metal come into contact with metal under high temperatures, speed or loads, adhesive wear can occur. Whilst your engines metal surfaces may appear smooth, microscopic high spots called asperities are present. When asperities slide against one another they can bond, causing the two metal surfaces to adhere to one another. As your engine parts continue to move the metal surfaces are pulled apart leading to damage to the surface and imperfections. Over time these imperfections can accumulate throughout your engine and cause greater problems such as engine seizures.

How to Minimize Adhesive Wear

Minimizing adhesive wear on your engine is as simple as using high-quality oil and air filters. The difference between using a low and a high-quality oil filter lay in its ability to trap particles before they have a chance to circulate throughout your engine and cause wear. Air filters on the other hand are designed to capture and prevent external abrasive contaminants before they have the chance to get in.

High Quality Oil and Air Filters in Warrington

If you are interested in preventing engine wear, speak with an AMSOIL specialist here at Synthetic Oil Direct on 215 834 8720 about Wix and MANN-FILTER air filters which offer superior filtration through the use of high quality media. The use of these high quality parts can greatly improve your engines performance and cleanliness.

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