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There are many uses for multipurpose lubricants, and many of them have nothing to do with a car. Keep reading this post by Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster to take advantage of the anti-corrosion and lubricating properties.

Rust and corrosion can appear on any metal surface exposed to moisture, so you must spend some time caring for them to prevent rust accumulation. Thus it's good to know which antioxidant elements you can use to protect these surfaces from oxidation.

If you would like to get in contact with the AMSOIL experts in your area, don't think twice and call Synthetic Oil Direct at (215) 834-8720 to learn how different vehicles could benefit from a synthetic oil change in Warminster.

Garden Appliances

Many garden and garage tools will benefit from being treated with multipurpose oil, especially since rust will form due to moisture exposure, a crucial element for a garden to flourish. Since all the equipment you use for gardening has direct contact with wet areas, the risk is constant. Prevent grass and mud from sticking to appliances by merely applying a coat of multipurpose oil or polish to the bottom of the tool. This practice will avoid grass accumulation and leaves that store moisture and corrode your devices' metallic parts. After that, you'll need a hose and leave the tool to dry after using it.

You Can Use It in the Kitchen

From cleaning the grill to lubricating the surfaces of different devices and the hinges found on all doors and the refrigerator, many places in your kitchen could benefit from the all-purpose lubricant. With it, these surfaces will stay dry and lubricated for longer. Inside the refrigerator, the multipurpose lubricant will help you remove excess frost on the freezer's walls and prevent it from forming again once you have treated the surface. Stains on stove racks will be easier to remove with this oil since the all-purpose lubricant's power will help remove grease. Besides, it will leave a protective layer that prevents residues that cause oxidation to stick to the surface.

For the Bathroom

You can use the multipurpose lubricant on the door rails and apply a light layer on plastic or glass doors. This will help residues and drops of water slide off, preventing the formation of scale. Don't forget that this issue sometimes ends in corrosion and damages the doors' appearance.

Giving a synthetic oil change in Warminster to your appliances will help you extend their life usage. Make the most of this new season and call the experts at Synthetic Oil Direct at (215) 834-8720 to learn how to boost your tools engine's performance with AMSOIL products.

Motors Maintenance

In addition to vehicles, many tools use engines to make life easier, and there are many types of motors, whether they are two-stroke or 4-stroke engines. However, you should know that 2-stroke ones require additional lubrication than 4-stroke engines.

Differences between 2 and 4 Stroke Engines

A 2-stroke engine has the same process as a 4-stroke one, but the entire process is done by raising the piston and descending once. During the first step, the piston "rises" towards the spark plug, generating compression, the lower part sucks more fuel with lubricating oil. At the same time, the carburetor allows the entry of air to carry out the mixture. Then, as the piston approaches the engine's top part, sparks from the spark plugs convert chemical energy into heat, increasing fuel pressure. This effect generates circular motion towards the crankshaft, and during this return journey, an exhaust valve opens to allow combustion residues out of the system.

The Lubrication Process Will Vary

In a 4-stroke engine, the combustion and lubrication chambers are separate. On the other hand, in a 2-stroke one, combustion and lubrication are simultaneous within the same section. That's why the lubricating oil for 2-stroke engines needs to be different from its 4-stroke counterpart. Lubricating oil for 2-stroke engines is unique because it's added to the fuel mixture. Some of its benefits are:
  • Clean engine, preventing waste accumulation. Especially of deposits on the piston and spark plug.
  • Fuel dissolution, which favors better lubrication.
  • It protects against wear due to its high-performance formula.

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