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If you are one of those drivers who have trouble with trusting their vehicles to car wash services, keep reading this post by Synthetic Oil Direct to learn a few pro tips on cleaning and disinfecting your car at home!

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Choose a Product to Disinfect

First of all, it’s important to pick the correct product to clean each area and surface of your vehicle. Take the following materials into account:
  1. For vinyl: use warm soapy water, always dry with a clean towel, and don’t let the material absorb the water.
  2. For leather: use neutral soap and distilled water, also dry as soon as possible in a padding motion.
  3. For plastic and fiberglass: you can use a solution of 1/10 of chlorine in 9/10 of water.
  4. For glass and car exterior: you can use regular car soap that makes enough foam but be careful when you dry the surface.

Always Wash Your Car in the Shade

Never wash it under the rays of the sun. Why? Because excessive heat quickly dries the products, preventing their correct action and also, because the high temperature also alters the properties, both of the paint and crystals, and the products. Throwing cold water to a windshield that has been in the sun for a long time could even crash it, or a sudden change in temperature could prevent the wax from doing its job.

Use Two Buckets Filled with Water

When washing, always have two buckets of water on hand. One with shampoo and the other with water only. Dip the rag or sponge into the mixture and when you are done, soak it in the bucket that has only water. So the dirt will remain in the bucket that has only water and you will not take it back to the shampoo.

Do Not Use the Same Cloth to Dry and Wax

Order your cloth and rags. Never use the same towel to dry and then to wax. It’s advised to use microfiber cloths and towels, which are much softer with paint. Forget about household cotton towels or kitchen sponges. When it comes to your vehicle, resort to microfiber cloths only. Also, if your car is very dirty, try to rinse it with plenty of water before starting to use soap or shampoo.

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Polish the Paint According to Its Damage

If your car has minor scratches, you may want to polish the paint. For this work, different compounds match the top lacquer layer to the car paint. Depending on the severity of the damage, you can do it yourself, with the help of a cloth, a polishing compound, and circular movements. When the damage is more prominent, you can polish the paint with the help of a rotary machine or take it with a professional detailer. It's important to keep in mind that polishing thins the lacquer layer, so it's not recommended to do it more than once a year.

Use Additional Products and Tools

Steam machines are great for cleaning car upholstery as well as aiding in the disinfection of textiles. In the case of leather, you can also moisturize it with renovating products, which will prevent the material from drying out.

Cover Your Car with a Special Tarp

To keep your car clean, you can always cover it with a special tarp. Yes, it can be a bit tiresome to put on and take it off every day, but doing so will protect your car's paint from dust, streaks, and birds' droppings.

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