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Landscaping machinery is typically expensive to buy and not cheap to fix when it breaks. However, with the right care and maintenance, it is quite easy to prevent costly repairs or unnecessary replacements.  Today, Synthetic Oil Direct in Warrington would like to help you keep your lawn mowers running long and problem free.


Check the oil level and color before every use. Add clean oil if the oil is simply low, but you’ll need to change the oil regularly, depending on the amount of hours the mower ran. Mowers that run more hours obviously need the oil replaced more often. Read your owner’s manual to see their recommendations for how often to replace oil and what type of oil is best, but AMSOIL synthetic oils run great in lawn equipment.

After Use

After you user your mowers, give them a quick spray down to remove any dirt and grass clippings that may have accumulated on the mower. Be careful not to get a lot of water on the engine or you could damage it. On the underside, clean out the wet clipping buildup around the blade; it’s a lot easier to clean up after mowing, than before when it has dried.


Whether it is between uses during the summer season, or for months when you aren’t using it, storing your mower is very important. You need to be sure to keep it out of the elements of nature. Indoors, like a garage or shed is best, but a dirt and water tight cover is recommended at the minimum. At the end of the season, it’s a good idea to empty the fluids and clean the entire machine. Also, it isn’t a bad idea to sharpen the blades so they are ready for next year.

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