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There will be times where you'll take your pet with you in the car. This post by Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster shares some ideas you can follow in cleaning the vehicle before and after taking your furry friends with you.

First Things First,

Transporting a pet in the car not only requires planning to take into account, but it can also produce significant dust and dirt on the textile padding and the carpet at the same time. Besides, the dog's smell tends to saturate the area and can be bothersome over time so, keep scrolling through this post to learn how to deal with this situation.

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Don't Neglect the Dog's Needs

It would be best if you did everything to prevent those situations where the poor dog has peed on or barfed inside the vehicle. Animals are not able to rationalize, so don't be mad at your pet if this happens. This scenario is quite common, especially with puppies when the driver doesn't stop to let the animal do their business. Spot cleaning and getting rid of odors that the dog emits in the car may look like a hurdle. However, in this post, you'll find some reliable tricks to clean the vehicle. Don't forget to use a pair of gloves before cleaning as these will protect your hands and skin from the harsh cleaning formulas.

Getting Rid Of Dog Hair from The Carpets and Upholstery

It might be best to get a lint brush, a quality vacuum cleaner, a sponge, and a pet hair roller so you can get rid of the lint and fallen dog hair off of the car upholstery. Proceed to roll the roller over the upholstery and floor mats of your vehicle after vacuuming the area. Once the sticky sheet on the roller has lost its adherence, remove the used section and continue applying a new one if necessary. Then, moisten the surfaces that still have traces of hair with a sponge, and then brush it with a lint brush once you're done.

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Next, grab a clean, damp cloth or sponge soaked in an upholstery cleaner. Otherwise, you can also use a mixture of 5 parts of water with another one of ammonia, which effectively removes acid from urine or vomit. Soak the solution on the stain and let it work for several minutes. Rinse the affected area with a cloth dampened with clean water. If the upholstery is too damp, you can partially dry it with a clean towel.

Remove Dog Smell from Upholstery

There are many odor removers on sale. However, baking soda and even a mixture of water and vinegar can work just as well. By the way, if the smell of urine has remained after it has been cleaned, this tip will work wonders. The application of upholstery odor removal products doesn't usually require rinsing or subsequent cleaning. The other two methods are applied as follows:
  • You have to sprinkle the baking soda on the upholstery and mats and leave it to act for 8 to 12 hours. Then proceed to vacuum the bicarbonate of the surface and finish the process by spraying an air freshener.
  • If you opt for the water and vinegar mixture, you will need a cloth to rub the upholstery. Then you'll have to let the car air and cool for a few hours before finally spraying an air freshener.
Cleaning and keeping the interior of your car in good condition will contribute to making your driving experience more pleasant, and traveling with your dog or another pet shouldn't be an obstacle to keeping it clean and looking good.

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