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You're putting yourself at risk when you don't give the proper upkeep to your tires. Scroll down this post by Synthetic Oil Direct to improve your safety by giving the proper maintenance to your tires!

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How Long Does a Tire Last?

Well, that might sound like a trick question, since the useful life of a tire can be defined by the condition of the roads you take. For some people, tire usage can be reduced to a few days due to the thousands of pothole craters that cover streets and avenues. However, in places where the streets have better conditions, the average life of a tire can last up to 24,000 miles, although it can vary due to numerous factors. Although the technology of tire manufacturing is highly advanced and seeks to create rims that last longer, there are always external factors that determine their useful life, from the weather, type of vehicle, and even your driving habits.

Take Care of Your Driving Habits

This is the determining factor that affects the life of your tires; aggressive driving habits, with continuous acceleration and braking, can reduce tire life by up to 80%. So, the best thing is that you stay calm behind the wheel in the real world while you leave speed and aggressiveness to movies and video games.

Beware of Curves

If you drive on the highway, avoid taking the curves as if it were a scene from Fast and Furious. Gripping too hard while taking the curves can cause uneven wear, regardless of whether the risk of an accident rises if your tires are in poor condition. Also, avoid starting by skidding. In addition to taking care of the tires, you will spend much less gasoline.

The Correct Pressure

Incorrect tire pressure affects excessively the life of the wheels. Even if your wheels have 10% percent less air needed can reduce the life of each tire by up to 20%. As it was previously mentioned, when you check the tires' pressure, do it in a vulcanizer or with your own tire-pressure gauge, since those that are available in gas stations are not very precise most of the time. Always use the manufacturer's recommended pressure.

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Rotation and The Infamous Potholes

Manufacturers recommend rotating the tires every 6 to 9 thousand miles to achieve regular wear. However, you should check your car's manual to get the accurate measures for your vehicle. Although it sounds difficult to comply with, avoid driving through streets with an excessive amount of potholes and if you have no other option, go through them smoothly; it doesn't matter that the driver behind you goes crazy honking the horn, after all, he is not going to pay for the damaged tire you'll get by going through that pothole at full speed.


Hitting the sidewalks in parking maneuvers also reduces the life of your car's tires. These light scratches or bumps can cause internal tire problems that may not be visible to the naked eye, but will eventually damage them.

Keep Them Clean

If you drive an SUV, or a similar vehicle, and you went on an adventure over the weekend, don't forget to wash the car perfectly, without forgetting the tires. The mud accumulated in the tires will end up unbalancing them, which will accelerate their wear.

Quality Tires Are a Worthy Investment

When getting tires, you shouldn’t rely on cheap second-hand options because their pressure is, as mentioned before, a significant part of the vehicle. Although for some, buying the right tires can take a toll on their wallet, it’s important to recognize this process as an investment that will protect you from feasible accidents on the road.

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