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This post by Synthetic Oil Direct delves into excessive gasoline consumption and how you can improve this and the overall condition of your engine. Read on and learn how to take better care of your vehicle.

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The price of fuel already affects your pocket and gasoline prices have risen to record highs. Therefore, you have to find new ways to improve your car's fuel intake. Electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrids dominate fuel economy ratings today, but not all customers have access to these cars; some aren't even considering the idea of ​​driving this new type of vehicle. Gasoline-powered cars must be cared for and properly maintained so that they can keep on running without overspending fuel. However, there are a couple of things that can be done to save fuel. Here are some tips to improve the gas consumption of your car:

Beware of You Speed ​​Limit

Exceeding speed limits puts a lot of pressure on the engine, the motor works even harder to achieve the required pace, and forcing your engine to keep with it will increase fuel consumption. When the engine reaches its cruising speed it doesn't require much effort to sustain it, so consumption will be much lower if you tone your pace down.

Car Maintenance

General maintenance is very important to ensure optimal performance. You can start by checking the car's tire pressure, alignment, and balance. The spark plugs must work properly, as well as keep the injectors clean, and the filters replaced on time. Don't forget to perform oil changes to prevent the wear of metal parts, and avoid the excess of burned gasoline. If you want to provide superior resistance in extreme heat conditions and maximize fuel economy, know you can rely on AMSOIL's Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil to fulfill your vehicle's needs.  


Avoid sudden accelerations when you start the vehicle, or when a gear change is made, regardless of conventional or automatic transmission, since the engine has to recover the maximum torque to take full advantage of it. Keep in mind that you are injecting more fuel to make the car move faster when accelerating sharply. Ideally, to achieve lower fuel consumption, you must allow the car to start growing its revolutions progressively.

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Drive Slower

Speed ​​is the enemy of reasonable gas consumption, the faster you drive, the more fuel your car will spend but you may not know that driving at 93 miles per hour increases consumption by 30% compared to driving at 74 miles per hour. Think of the cumulative effect over thousands and thousands of miles traveled. Of course, this advice is not valid for those people who are late everywhere, or to those who live in a state of permanent haste; the same people who try to scratch time lost while riding. If you plan your trips correctly and if you stay organized, the delay in time will hardly be noticeable, and in 2,485.48 or 3,106.85 miles the savings could be the same equivalent of a full fuel tank.

Drive Smoothly

Not only does driving slower will save you gasoline, you can save even more fuel by driving slowly and smoothly. Avoid accelerating and over-revving the engine. If you are traveling in the city, your brake pads and your passengers will also appreciate it and gradually accelerate and anticipate your driving to your surroundings and traffic.

Engine Brake Is Your Best Friend, Use It!

Anticipation is everything when it comes to efficient driving. If a traffic light has turned red six hundred feet away - or if a delivery truck is blocking the street - you have to pay attention to the road and slow down smoothly with the engine brake, don't keep on accelerating to slow down a few meters from the old lady crossing the street: you won't save a single second and you'll wear down your car faster than usual. Due to the engine's retention, the mechanics don't inject a single milliliter of fuel, even if the rev counter exceeds 5,000 rpm. Instead of braking hard before entering an urban area, let the car break slowly: you won't waste any fuel and you will reach the 30 miles, or 50 km, per hour signal at the appropriate speed.

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