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Learn About What the Lights on Your Dash Mean, and What You Need to Do When You See Them Light Up

There are so many buttons, lights, and symbols on your vehicle’s dashboard. Some are simply comfort features, such as air conditioning controls or heated seats. However, some of these symbols, particularly the warning lights relate to important functional and safety features such as the brake system or the engine temperature. Therefore, it’s important to understand which each one represents, and what to do if they light up. In today’s blog, your local AMSOIL Dealer – Synthetic Oil Direct has put together a fantastic guide to understanding your dashboard warning lights.

Check Engine

  If a sign flashes up on your dashboard saying ‘check engine’, this means that a plethora of malfunctions could have occurred. The ‘check engine’ light turns on in response to hundreds of different faults! If you have a newer car, it should come equipped with ‘On-Board Diagnostics II’ (OBD II) . With this system, each time this warning light appears, you can connect your OBD II device into the port located on the driver’s side of the dashboard. A unique code will appear that you can look-up in your user manual to identify the specific fault or problem with your engine. If your car is more than 10 years old, it may not have this technology. In this case, you will have to work your way through, checking for the most common engine faults until you find the problem. A good place to start is the gas cap. If it is not connected securely, then your fuel system is not sealed, and the warning light will turn on. If it was not the gas cap, then it’s time to take your vehicle in to be checked-over by a mechanic. The best way to ensure that your engine lives a long and healthy life is to protect it with a scientifically-developed, synthetic engine oil. Synthetic oil is a little more of an investment than traditional oil, but it lasts longer, so you can go for longer intervals between your synthetic oil change, reducing the frequency of maintenance you need to perform on your vehicle and saving you money in the long-term. Contact your local AMSOIL Dealer – Synthetic Oil Direct today at (215) 834-8720 to find out more.

Service Engine

  The ‘Service Engine’ light is designed to let you know when it’s getting close to the time for a full service of your vehicle’s engine. In some models, this is simply a distance counter that starts turning on after your engine has powered your vehicle for a certain number of miles. Other models use more sophisticated technology and calculate maintenance checks based on data such as air, engine and oil temperatures. Consult your user manual for more information about the parameters for this warning light and consider taking your vehicle in for a service if it remains constantly lit while driving.

Electrical Fault Light

  The electrical fault light usually looks like a battery. This should light up when you first turn your car on, before quickly switching-off again. If this light remains illuminated, it represents a problem with your vehicle’s electrical system – the battery, alternator or any connection between the two. If you see this warning light in your car, the first thing that you should do is check your battery’s charge using a voltmeter. You may simply need to recharge the battery, or even replace it. Batteries typically last around 5 to 7 years. If the problem does not appear to be coming from the battery itself, check all connections and finally take a look at the alternator and drive belt to locate the fault. If you can see a broken drive belt, you should replace it immediately as it is important for other systems in your vehicle as well as the electrical system.

Brake System Warning Light

  This warning light is usually in the shape of an exclamation mark. Its purpose is to let you know that there is something wrong with your car’s most important safety features – the brakes! Do not ignore this warning light under any circumstances. First of all, check the brake fluid level. If the light switches-off, you’re off the hook. If not, it’s time to take your vehicle in to see a registered mechanic as it is not safe to continue driving until you have identified the issue with the brakes.

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