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If you forget about your tires until you get a flat, you're not alone. However, since your tires are important for your safety, checking on them is a must. Use these tips to stay on top of them.

Does Your Car Need New Tires?

Your car's tires may not be something you think about often. In fact, most drivers forget about them altogether until they get a flat or a blowout in the middle of their commute. Since tires are super important to your car's well-being and to your road safety, checking on them is a must. To prevent future tire troubles, use these tips to check on your tires.

The Penny Test

The first thing you'll want to check on is your tire tread. As soon as you hear these words, you may think it's time to head to the shop to get someone else to check this for you. You don't need to do that since you can do this all on your own no matter how little experience you have with cars. To start, dig a penny out of your pocket or that change jar in your house. Head back to your car and pick a tire where you want to start. You're going to stick the penny in between the grooves that make up your tire tread. Ideally, the tread should go no lower than 1/16th of an inch, but since that can be hard to measure, the penny will do it for you. Stick the penny in the groove head side first, meaning Lincoln should be inserted upside down. Once the penny is all the way in, if you can see the top of Lincoln's head, it's definitely time for new tires. If the top of his head or most of his head is still covered, then you're good for now.

Look at the Sidewalls

Next, go ahead and check on the sidewalls of your tires. This term basically refers to the part of your tires facing out that don't touch the pavement. You may think that this part will suffer no damage since it doesn't come into contact with the road, but there are still things to look out for in this area. Take a close look at the sidewalls making note of any cracks. Small cracks may seem unimportant at first, but these can grow deeper and longer, which can put your tires and your safety in danger. Oftentimes, these cracks will turn up as a result of age and wear. Instead of letting them grow, keep an eye on tiny cracks and replace your tires before these cracks have a chance to grow into more menacing issues. Giving your car a synthetic oil change in Warminster can help your engine stay in top shape for much longer. For help finding a great oil for your car, contact the friendly oil experts at Synthetic Oil Direct. Call them at (215) 834-8720 to learn all about their quality products, including AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil. Don't forget that you can stop by their online shop to check out their full range of products or to place an order.

Clear Signs of Age and Wear

While inspecting the sidewalls, there's one more thing to keep an eye out for: blisters. The sidewalls can develop what looks like blisters, bulges, or bumps as a result of age. The rubber in your tires can wear down, causing these lumps to appear in the sidewalls. These may look a bit weird but may not cause much alarm in most drivers. However, these bumps shouldn't go ignored. These can quickly lead to blowouts when you least expect it. Instead of going through the scare and danger a blowout can lead to, get your tires replaced as soon as you notice any bulges.

Weird Vibrations While Driving

Most cars vibrate at least a little, and this is usually no reason to get nervous. However, if your car develops new vibrations or if it's vibrating more intensely than usual, this is something that should get checked out by a professional. Vibration can often be the result of suspension issues or your tires may not be properly aligned. Either way, get your car checked out so that these vibrations don't lead to more tire or suspension issues.

Give Your Car a Synthetic Oil Change in Warminster

If it's time for your next synthetic oil change in Warminster, trust AMSOIL for all of your product needs. The friendly oil experts at Synthetic Oil Direct can help you find the right oil for your next oil change. Learn more about their products or place an order by calling them a call at (215) 834-8720.

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