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Increase the Fuel Efficiency of Your Vehicle With These Top Tips

Whether you’re into motorbikes, boats, quad bikes, trucks or sports cars, there’s one thing that’s for sure - You don’t want to spend money on gas that you could spend on a new toy! It can sometimes feel like you spend your whole life at the gas station, endlessly filling your tank – but it doesn’t have to be that way, you could be getting more bang for your buck! The experts at Amsoil Dealer – Synthetic Oil Direct have put together this useful guide to help you make the most of every gallon of gas you buy.


Whether a bike, truck or a sports car, leaving the engine of any vehicle running wastes gas. Whenever you are not moving for more than 30 seconds at a time, make sure to turn off your engine, and you’ll be saving yourself dollars.

Plan Ahead

Got a lot of errands to run? These needn’t all be separate trips – planning your route beforehand can reduce mileage and therefore gas expenditure. Driving for recreation? Avoid areas with high levels of traffic – crawling along in first gear is the worst, and most boring, way to waste your precious gas. Driving outside of town can be more enjoyable and economical at the same time, so get out there on the open road!

Give your Engine a Breath of Fresh Air

Remember to check your air filter regularly. This is a device that stops dirt and other particles getting into your engine. If it is clogged or not in good working order, this can reduce the efficiency of your vehicle giving you less mileage for your money. Instead of driving or riding with a dirty air filter, get it replaced as soon as possible.

Change Your Oil

Conventional oil can cause the build-up of deposits in your engine, reducing its efficiency and effectively costing you more money by providing fewer miles to the gallon. Synthetic oils like Amsoil keep your engine clean as well as protecting it better against gradual wear and tear. If you���re planning a long trip, it’s important to check your oil levels before leaving and consider taking extra with you. Give your engine the respect it deserves with a synthetic oil change in Lehigh County. Looking for a specialist in synthetic oil near you? Call Amsoil Dealer – Synthetic Oil Direct at (215) 834-8720 today to feel the difference in your vehicle’s performance.

Shed Some Pounds

What have you got in the trunk of your vehicle? Any extra weight in your car or bike is going to increase gas consumption. Getting rid of that recycling you meant to do, camping equipment you always expect to use, or other items that you can store elsewhere will optimize your vehicle’s efficiency. Make sure to only take essential items with you on each trip, and you will notice the difference in your wallet.

Check Your Tires

A difference in the pressure or wear on your tires can cause your vehicle to become lopsided. This, in turn, puts extra strain on your engine and increases fuel consumption. Different vehicles require different tire pressures. This should be checked regularly and managed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Tires should also be rotated regularly to ensure even wear and minimize the strain on your engine.

Give Your Engine a Brake

Braking too much and changing speed frequently can reduce your fuel efficiency as well as wearing out your brake pads quickly. It’s great to do handbrake turns down at the track, but when just going about town, try anticipating when you are going to need to slow down and reducing your speed early, rather than waiting until the last minute and having to use the brakes.

Feel the Wind in Your Hair

Are you an air-con addict? Did you know that every time you turn that dial, you are burning precious gasoline that you could be using to power your engine? Try keeping things old-school by forgetting the air-con, rolling down your windows and feeling the breeze. If you are driving along the freeway and the wind is providing too much resistance against your car, that's the time when you switch on the air-con.

Products for a Synthetic Oil Change in Lehigh County

Maintaining your vehicle in optimal condition is the best way to increase fuel efficiency as well as minimize future mechanics costs. Make time for a synthetic oil change in Lehigh County. Amsoil Dealer – Synthetic Oil Direct are experts in synthetic oil for all types of vehicles. Call today at (215) 834-8720 to find out more.

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