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Before the winter weather begins to impact your life and your car, Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster has laid down a few suggestions to ease vehicle maintenance and protect it throughout the season.

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Colder Climate Can Manifest Itself as Rainy, Snowy, or Freezing

Thus, it would be best to have your vehicle prepared to face and overcome possible events as safely as possible before starting any journey. These are some of the tips that can help protect your car during the winter and make your trips much safer and more pleasant:

Don't Neglect Check-Ups

With temperatures getting lower, your trusted mechanic is worth stopping by. Doing a general overhaul of the vehicle to check that everything works correctly can help you avoid surprises at the last minute. No matter the errands in your schedule, always try to leave a space open to take your car to the shop for a check-up.

Beware of Tree Leaves

These are the quintessential image of autumn. Trees begin to miss their leaves in the face of winter. In some areas, this idyllic image becomes a problem, as leaves on the road become very dangerous if they are wet. The same happens in your car. Although they are easier to remove, dried leaves are also harmful and acidic.

Humidity and Cold

With autumn, the rains return, and the temperatures drop. In addition to 'allying' with the leaves to damage your car's paint, the humidity also does its thing, especially if it finds unprotected areas on the vehicle's body where it can cause the appearance of corrosion.

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Winter Tires

This step will depend on where you live, what vehicle you have, and your driving habits. You can choose to fit winter tires to keep you safe. These are made of a rubber compound with a very flexible tread and adapt perfectly to the road, offering better grip, directionality, and shorter stopping distances on slippery surfaces.

Have a Set of Chains at Your Disposal

Snow and ice are two of the main obstacles that make driving more difficult, mainly because they reduce the tires' grip, resulting in a lack of steering and brakes in an unforeseen event. Therefore, you must carry a set of chains in the car if there is a snowfall risk. You must know that the chains must be mounted on the driving wheels, whatever type they are. To do this, stop the vehicle in a safe place on the road, where it won't bother other users, activate the emergency lights, and you can start to mount them.

Check the Lighting and Fluid Levels

  •  Ensure the lighting devices work accordingly: When working correctly, including the fog lights, drivers avoid possible accidents on the road.
  • Check the fluids' levels, such as antifreeze, oil, or windshield washer fluid: Keep in mind that this operation should always be carried out with the vehicle cold (never just after stopping the engine) and on a solid level. The oil level can be verified with the dipstick or on the instrument panel, depending on the vehicle.

When Parking Your Vehicle, Raise the Windshield Wipers

When the cold arrives and there is a risk of snowfall or night rains, it's essential to bear in mind that the windshield wipers can get stuck. Besides, a layer of ice usually forms on the windows, and it can be challenging to remove it first thing in the morning. To prevent your wipers from getting stuck, raise them so that they don't make contact with the windshield overnight.

Defrost the Front Window

One of the most familiar situations during this time of year is that a light layer of ice forms on the front and rear windows at night. To defrost them, you must turn on the vehicle's heating and direct the hot air outlet towards the front. For the rear, you can use the thermal system specially designed for this purpose.

Enhance the Performance of Your Engine with a Synthetic Oil Change in Warminster

AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil remains highly resistant in extreme heat conditions and maximizes fuel economy. A regular synthetic oil change will keep your engine cool and prevent overheating when driving in hot weather. To place an order, reach out to the experts at Synthetic Oil Direct and (215) 834-8720 today!

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