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Electric cars are becoming more mainstream and gaining popularity among drivers. Read this post by Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster to learn the pros and cons before getting an electric vehicle.

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Combustion engines won't be going away any time soon, though electric cars came here to stay. To kick-off, here are the benefits attached to driving an EV:


In regards to efficiency, an electric motor is more proficient than a combustion engine. Actually, an electric engine, on its own, has a higher efficiency rate of 90% out of 100%; outweighing the 35% produced by internal combustion engines, these figures are lower because the other 70% becomes friction and thermic losses. Plus, there's plenty of energy lost during the combustion process.

A Greener and Quieter Alternative

Since their energy consumption is released by the vehicle's batteries, electric cars don't expel emissions of any variation which leads to reducing the driver's carbon footprint. Noise pollution could be drastically decreased in urban environments just by using electric vehicles; their propulsion system is totally silent and zero sounds are emitted, except for the tire noises while driving. Electric engines are light and compact so they are most likely to take very little space, whereas combustion engines have several mechanical parts involved for proper operation. Contrary to electric motors, which usually have fewer components. Engine sound is more of a subjective disadvantage, for some people at least. Many drivers enjoy the sound of an engine because it provides them a sense of certainty while driving, though some would have to agree to disagree. But, if you wish to reduce your carbon footprint while keeping the sensation of having a powerful engine, the instant torque in electric cars delivers all its power at once whereas internal combustion engines start with low revolutions until it magnifies and delivers its power above 2000 revolutions.

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Maintenance and Power Grid

Electric vehicles are less prone to breakdown than internal combustion vehicles due to having fewer components. EVs don't require oil, fuel, gas, or filters which makes their maintenance e cheaper. Also, there are fewer pieces and fluids to keep an eye on; sometimes, proper function comes down to verifying the battery has been charged and making sure the engine is still in good shape. A little known fact about these cars it that at the moment, there are very few workshops, and technicians specialized in repairing electric cars since their mechanisms differ significantly from internal combustion engines. You'll need to take it directly to the certified workshops by the brand in question. There is also a certain lack of knowledge among authorities in case of an accident involving these vehicles; since there are constabularies unaware of the protocol they must follow regarding these vehicles.

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No Driving Limitation in Big Cities

Countless metropolises around the globe are reinventing their bond with cars and transportation vehicles due to their contribution to global emissions. Means of transport with high CO2 emissions are starting to get restricted, and even banned, in several countries and cities with elevated levels of pollution. It seems that the future of politics and the automotive industry is heading towards a greener path and it won't be long for these preventive measures to be implemented in the US, so getting an EV might become an imminent purchase sooner than later.

Insurance & Taxes

Since these vehicles are unable to reach high speeds, insurance can be cheaper and people are actually encouraged to purchase these cars. Usually, the enrollments tend to be more affordable and facilities in their tax payment are provided.


With technology constantly changing and evolving, electric vehicles have been enhanced and they are a little bit better than they were before. But, since the technology behind EVs remains quite a novelty, manufacturers know there are still improvements to be made.

Charging Time and Temperature Variation

With alternating current (AC) chargers it can take up to eight hours to charge an EV's battery and though there are fast-charging stations available, it can take up to 30 minutes to charge at least 80% of the battery. Now, the problem with temperature is that the autonomy of the car's battery will decrease whether if it's too high or too low; negative temperatures could affect the battery if it's working at 60%, and the same thing happens with high temperatures.

Battery Life and General Expenses

Although electric cars are already on the market, it doesn't mean these vehicles aren't in current development; it's worth mentioning that the technology backing their batteries is still "undercooked"; plus, let's not forget that for electric cars to be more cost-effective, their use has to be just as normalized as the use of vehicles with internal combustion engines. Lastly, the batteries on electric cars do have a limited life expectancy, like any other battery, but they aren't precisely cheap and they must be replaced if you want your vehicle to perform correctly.

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