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Keeping your car's battery working at its best isn't hard to do, but how often do you even think to check on it? To help you extend the life of your car battery, use these simple tips.

How to Care for Your Car's Battery

Your car's battery is very important if you want to keep your car running. With that said, most people don't ever stop to think about how their battery is doing or to check on its condition. If you haven't checked on yours in a while, now is a good time to do it. You can also use these battery care tips to keep it in great shape.

Turn off Your Car's Lights

You may think you don't need this reminder, but it happens all too often. Plenty of people turn a light on in their car to look for something and end up leaving it on overnight. In the morning, when their battery won't turn on anymore, they remember the light they left on. The same thing can happen if you leave your headlights on or even your emergency lights. If you're prone to doing this, go through a mental checklist before leaving your car.

Keep Your Battery Clean

If you don't ever check on your battery, then you won't ever know that it needs cleaning. Rust, corrosion, and other debris can accumulate on your battery's connections, making it harder for it to perform its job. Before your battery is affected by this, pop open your car's hood and take a look at your battery. If you see buildup on your battery or on its connections, it's definitely a good idea to get it cleaned.

Mount Your Battery Properly

On top of cleaning your battery, you also have to ensure that it's properly installed. First, ensure that all of the cables connected to it are nice and tight. If they're loose, this can make it harder for your battery to send power to where it needs to go. After that, you also want to make sure your battery is secure in its place. If it isn't properly mounted, it can vibrate and move around while you drive, which can lead to internal damage. If you find yourself driving over bumpy roads often, definitely check to ensure your battery is properly installed. To reduce the strain on your battery, ensure the rest of your car is in great shape. Start by giving your car a synthetic oil change in Warminster. This will ensure your car's engine is well taken care of and more efficient. You can find a great synthetic oil for your car by contacting the friendly oil pros at Synthetic Oil Direct. Give them a call at (215) 834-8720 to learn more about products like  AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil. To find more products like this, check out their online shop.

Take Proper Care of Your Car

This may seem like it has nothing to do with your car's battery, but the well-being of the rest of your car can help your battery. When the rest of your car's parts and systems are working at their best it means less strain on your battery. To get all of this working more efficiently, keep up with your car's maintenance and don't delay getting even minor issues fixed.

Know How Much Life It Has Left

Most batteries have a lifespan of three to five years, so knowing how old your battery is can be important. If you know it's nearing this range, you'll know to look out for signs of it failing. You can also start preparing to replace your battery before it runs out of power completely. To get an even more accurate reading of it, you can get a volt test. This will let you know just how much life it has left in it so you can decide if it will still be ok for a while or if you need to change it.

Avoid Short Car Rides

This may sound unimportant, but short car rides can actually take a toll on your battery. During these short rides, your battery won't get a chance to start charging, so it's best to avoid them when possible. If you need to drive somewhere close-by, take a walk or ride your bike there when possible.

Give Your Car a Synthetic Oil Change in Warminster

Make sure your car's engine stays in great shape by giving it a synthetic oil change in Warminster. To find the perfect oil for your car, contact the friendly oil experts at Synthetic Oil Direct. Give them a call at (215) 834-8720 to learn more about their products or to place your order!

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