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Brakes are crucial for your safety, and if this system is in poor condition, it'll most likely be the cause of an accident. Keep reading this post by Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster and anticipate future problems.

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  If you neglect the brake system, you're putting yourself in danger. Below you'll find a couple of traits that must be taken into account to detect brake damage on time. Read on!

A Spongy Brake Pedal

Every driver gets used to the feel of the pedal, but there comes a time when it becomes excessively spongy or mushy. The following options are often the root of this problem:
  • Brake fluid that has deteriorated
  • Leaks in the brake circuit
  • The air in the same circuit
  • Defects in the master cylinder, also known as the primary part of a car's braking system
Brake fluid is essential in the operation of the system as it transmits pressure. This liquid won't compress, but it is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture. However, vapor bubbles will compress, acting as a cushion within the circuit and producing that sensation on the pedal. Manufacturers recommend changing the brake fluid every 2 or 4 years, a little fact that is unknown by many drivers and ignored by others.

Noise and Vibrations

Vibrations happen due to different reasons such as abnormal tire wear, wheel bearings, steering alignment. But, when they are due to the braking system, they result from a deformation of the brake discs or pads with irregular wear. The brake discs' wear depends a lot on the driving habits and the car's maintenance. For instance, abnormal wear on the brake disc can appear and lead to a more damaging breakdown if you don't change bad pads in time and keep driving with them despite their wear. Nowadays, current vehicles have a warning light on the dashboard to indicate brake damage. But if you own an old car, a metallic noise will reveal the pads' critical condition. When this noise appears, it may be due to wear, or they may be excessively glazed due to overheating the surfaces. In both cases, it'll be necessary to replace the pads.

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You Need More Stopping Distance

Requiring more and more space to stop may be due to other factors such as the road's surface, load, suspension, or low-quality tires. But if you stick to the hunch of a braking problem, the increase in stopping distance is due to the wear of the main elements that comprise the braking system. First, the transmission of force must be suitable for the brake booster's correct operation and the proper state of the brake fluid since both play a fundamental role in providing effective braking motion.

Maintain Discs and Drums

Ensure the assembling of the pad-disc and shoe-drum is optimal. When these parts are worn, there is a significant loss of efficiency, which will result in an increasing distance to maneuver the car. In addition to increased braking distance, you can experience unexpected skidding. As always, the periodic maintenance of these systems and the timely replacement of damaged parts can save you higher expenses in the future and prevent car accidents.


Proper maintenance and good driving habits will help prolong the braking system's life and make them work at their best. It's essential to avoid prolonged braking on slopes and steep roads to prevent overheating the system. Prolonged braking is a resource that can give you a greater sense of control during a ride but do so with light pressure on the brake pedal to prevent damage.

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