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Devout motorcyclists never stop riding. If you're one of those, protect yourself and take care of your motorcycle before going out during this season. Read these tips by Synthetic Oil Direct to avoid unpleasant situations.

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Keep the Motorbike Clean

Before storing your vehicle:
  1. Make sure the bike is clean since dirt tends to solidify in low temperatures.
  2. If you don't get rid of dirt on time, prepare for a couple of future struggles.
  3. Look for a shampoo that won't damage the vehicle's paint. Then dry it well, and wax the bike's delicate parts.
After doing all that, your bike will be ready for storage. It's also advisable to apply a layer of protective grease to shiny parts such as chrome or polished metal pieces, as dirt and moisture can lead to corrosion, and products like wax can provide the paint with a protective layer.

Take Care of Liquids

These days, it's recommended to change the engine oil and filters to avoid the motorcycle's moisture. If you are going to store your bike in the winter, make sure it has fresh fuel. But, if you won't be using it until the spring, you must empty all fuel lines.

Be Careful with the Battery

If you plan to stop your motorcycle, you can activate your battery with a smart charger. The goal is to make your bike available without setbacks. This method won't force the starter motor or subject the mechanics to sudden overexertion; the latter scenario occurs when the motorbike does not work at an optimal temperature. A lack of use of the motorcycle severely damages the battery. It's important to disconnect it if you intend to leave the vehicle stopped during this season.

The Importance of Well Inflated Tires

The safest recommendation is to inflate the tires to the maximum level and leave it raised so neither of the two wheels gets distorted by standing on the ground for too long. This method will prevent the rubber from lying flat at one point and force you to change it when you decide to ride again. Don't neglect this part of your bike; check on your tires even if it isn't cold outside. But in those conditions, it's easier to lose grip due to lower degrees, rain, ice, or snow. If you're going to ride in this weather, don't put yourself at risk and make sure the tires are at the correct pressure and their tread hasn't worn out.

Contrary to mineral oil, synthetic formulas will save you time and money when taking care of your motorbike. AMSOIL products are a great option due to their wide selection of products for all kinds of vehicles. Call Synthetic Oil Direct at (215) 834-8720 to get a synthetic oil change in Warminster ASAP!

Use a Cover

It's crucial to cover the motorcycle, regardless of whether you leave it outdoors or indoors. Opt for a waterproof tarp to avoid rust; these covers perspire and won't accumulate moisture underneath. Remember that corrosion due to condensed dampness is more common than you'd expect, so it's better to avoid this problem on time.

Warm Up the Engine

If you are going to use your motorcycle, warm up the engine beforehand, especially if it's getting chilly outside. Suppose you change the oil at home, add some of it into the cylinders through the spark plug holes. This step will protect those parts for the next time you start your two-wheeler.

Check the Oil and Other Fluids

One oil may perform better than another in each temperature range, so check the manufacturer's manual to see which formula benefits your motorbike. You must be careful with these liquids' viscosity levels since those with higher thickness are prone to freeze in the winter, which leads to the next point.

Avoid Liquid Refrigeration

If your motorcycle has a radiator, checking the coolant level is essential because it keeps the engine running at the right temperature and prevents parts from freezing below zero degrees. Check out AMSOIL's selection of antifreeze formulas and see which one can boost the potential of your vehicle throughout this season.

Take Care of the Chain

It would be best to pay more attention to the chain during the winter than in summer: keep it clean and greased to improve your motorbike performance and avoid breakdowns. Don't forget to drive safely and carefully if you decide to go for a ride!

If you're looking for a formula that protects the motor while giving smooth shifting and increasing clutch engagement, check out 10W-30 Synthetic Metric Motorcycle Oil by AMSOIL.

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