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If you're on the hunt for new alternatives to reduce your carbon footprint while driving, there are simple habits you can develop to become more eco-friendly. Learn about this topic in this post by Synthetic Oil Direct in Warminster.

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As concerns about the environment are more relevant than ever, many drivers question what they can do to decrease their carbon footprint. However, buying a more energy-efficient vehicle isn't an accessible alternative for everyone. There are still ways you can adjust that so you can mature into a greener driver. Keep reading this post that Synthetic Oil Direct to learn more!

Use the Air Conditioning to a Minimum

Switching on the air conditioning as quickly as the weather gets hot can become a habit during spring and summer. Although, your motor has to work under more demanding circumstances when you turn on the air conditioning. Doing this can lead to excessive fuel consumption so, to minimize your engine's stress, it would be best to open your windows to let fresh air in. Also, to prevent that heated and uncomfortable sensation due to the cabin being scorching, leave the windows down for at least thirty minutes before leaving your house to allow the cabin to get to room temperature.

Improve Your Habits behind the Steering Wheel

Bad driving habits impact your carbon footprint the most. Practices like unnecessary acceleration and coming to a quick stop, and idling for a long time increase the ejection of greenhouse gases harmful to the environment. Besides, bad driving habits can hurt your gas mileage. Therefore, make an effort to drive slower, pay attention to street signs, and improve your driving habits overall.

Take a Break from Driving

Another great way to become a greener driver is to give your vehicle a break. Try to incorporate another means of transportation into your daily commute and switch things from time to time. You can walk, take public transportation, ride your bike to school or work, or even share a car with a coworker, family member, or friend. Doing this will reduce your greenhouse gas emission significantly and become a greener individual. Additionally, it can help you decrease your anxiety levels by not having to drive every day.

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Pick the Most Suitable Motor Oil

Motor oil ensures that the different components in your motor work smoothly. Picking second-rate oil can cause premature wear and tear and reduce the overall lifespan of your vehicle. Also, giving your engine cheap motor oil can hurt its performance and efficiency. It would be best to give your engine quality motor oil to guarantee it stays shielded and preserved. Synthetic motor oil is less harmful to the environment as it tends to last a lot longer than conventional oil. Make sure to look for the best alternative for your vehicle.

Look at Different Car Options

Try choosing a more energy-efficient model if you are pondering about purchasing a new vehicle. Even though this type of vehicle can be pricey, considering them is crucial, especially if you wish to become a greener driver. Below you'll see a few of the most popular energy-efficient car models:
  • Electric: If you are an urban driver, an electric car may be just what you need. Even though they have a limited range, they produce zero emissions, making them the perfect option.
  • Hybrid: Hybrids, as their name states, are powered both by a battery and fuel. When the car's battery runs out, you can comfortably switch to combustible and keep on driving.
  • Biofuels: This car usually uses an alternative to fossil fuels to work. This can be from old cooking oil to plant crops.

Reduce Unnecessary Weight

Many people have the habit of leaving a tremendous amount of their belongings in their vehicles. However, as simple as this may sound, adding extra weight to your car leads your vehicle to consume more fuel down the line. Therefore, make sure to give your vehicle a good clean and remove any unnecessary items that have no reason to be in your car. This simple tip can help you save money down the line.

With AMSOIL's Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil, your engine will be adequately protected. Speak with an expert at Synthetic Oil Direct, and learn about the perks of giving your car a synthetic oil change in Warminster. For more information, call (215) 834-8720.


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