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Despite the hassle and expenses of unforeseen vehicle upkeep, it's easy to neglect some of these aspects until something goes wrong. Scroll down through this post and don't miss out on these key points.

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The following features are often ignored practices that will prevent expensive repairs in the future while improving engine performance:

Change the Spark Plugs

Gas engines depend on spark plugs to supply the electrical charge that lights up the air/fuel. For the best fuel efficiency, check and replace the spark plugs according to the recommendations stated in the car's manual.

The Power Steering Might Required an Inspection

One of the most worrying sounds that a car can emit is the acute squeal coming of the power steering pump when some mechanisms aren't working appropriately. This is due to several factors, involving stuck air in the mechanism, pump's misuse, or decomposed fluid. As well as other lubricants, fluids meant for power steering tend to collect wear material, moisture, and other debris as time goes on. Eventually, the liquid oxidizes and decomposes thus it must be replaced at appointed intervals and by doing so, you'll be avoiding costly problems ahead of time.

Transmission Fluid

Changing the engine's oil is the foundation of vehicle care; and for good reason, though many drivers forget about their car's transmission until mishaps arise. Engine flushing and timely transmission fluid changes are more affordable and effective actions, that can maximize transmission's longevity and performance than rebuilding an automatic transmission; which can cost you a tidy sum.

Lube Prevents Gear Failure

Breakdowns will occur when there's a lack of lubrication so, it's important to check oil levels periodically. The level must be adequate, it cannot be below or above; low oil level can generate pressure losses, which causes pressure loss and eventual breakdowns. If the oil level is high, it generates stagnant problems and will lead to damage to the seals and gaskets.

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How Does the Cooling System Work?

Occasionally, drivers don't give the attention needed to the engine's cooling system and if it remains in good condition, the mechanisms will last as long as possible. The cooling circuit pump, which is powered by the car's engine, is what keeps it operating by activating the circulation of the coolant throughout its journey with a speed proportional to that of the engine itself. To do this, the pump draws the coolant from the lower part of the radiator and drives it into the engine through the spaces between the combustion chamber and the piston liners.


Now, almost 40 percent of engine failures can be attributed to cooling system problems and the radiator can get clogged, resulting in overheating and costly repairs. Cleaning the cooling system and refilling with a high-quality synthetic-oil based product is a vital part of good vehicle maintenance. AMSOIL's Low Toxicity Antifreeze and Engine Coolant has low toxicity minimizes any possible threat to children and animals while providing maximum cooling system protection in extreme temperatures.

Keep on Checking and Replacing Valves on Time

When your engine is running, the combustion gases create pressure in the crankcase. In the past, pressurized gases escaped into the atmosphere through seals and gaskets. Nowadays, ventilation systems are more novel, these are referred to as"Positive Crankcase Ventilation systems" which directs pressurized gases from the crankcase to the intake manifold so that they are burned during combustion. However, all of those unburned gases flowing through the PCV valve can create deposits and cloggings, which can increase oil consumption and even reduce fuel economy. But, as luck would have it, a positive crankcase ventilation valve is one of the easiest and cheapest parts to replace in your vehicle's engine. An easier maneuver is to remove the valve and wiggle it. If it makes a metallic noise, the valve is free and working properly but if it doesn't make a sound or feels heavy, a replacement would be useful.

Consider Changing the Brake Fluid

Over some time, moisture can build up in the brake fluid, lowering its boiling point and making the brakes feel smooth. Anticorrosive additives are also reduced slowly, leaving the components vulnerable to rust and failure.

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